Farm-Direct Luxury Quality Fresh-Cut Flowers from Ecuador.

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High Quality Flowers: Ecuador is located on the equator. Due to this location, it gets more hours of sunlight / natural light year-round, fertile volcanic soil, high altitude and a longer growing cycle which contribute to the cultivation of the highest quality flowers throughout the entire year.

Our farms are ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Freshness & Long-Lasting Flowers: Our flowers are grown, hand-picked, hydrated, carefully packed and are immediately shipped directly from the farm to our Florists doorstep.

Our Flowers are delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Flowers are Truly Fresh, this means longer vase life and Happy Customers. A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer! This creates a shareable experience and attracts more Customers.

Buying farm direct saves time and money (flowers are delivered directly to your door).